Hi, this is Mert Russo (Park Ranger) for the Monte Cristo Snowmobile Complex.


This past week we groomed:

Tuesday- SR 39 to Curtis Creek Jct.

Wednesday- SR 39 to Red Spur

Thursday- SR 39


Please remember to look at the avalanche advisory prior to going out to "play", as well as having the correct gear that you need when you do go out. A survival kit, beacons, and the right equipment are somethings that you need when you go out.


The fee for the parking lot is $5 for the day, or you can buy a season pass for $50.


Please remember that if you are taking your children out, those between 8 and 16 need an Off Highway Vehicle certificate prior to driving their own sleds on public land. For more questions about this, please look at our OHV laws at


Thanks for your time...

Have a good day!!!


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