January 29, 2012

We groomed CO-OP and down Strawberry River to the corrals and returned the same way.  The lack of snow will keep us from making this loop on a regular basis.  We are unable at this time to get the snowcat safely over to Clyde Creek and Mudd Creek.  We have not made it into the Indian Creek, Sheep Creek, Trail Hollow area this year.  There is three feet of snow at the top of Strawberry towards Tower Mountain but it is "sugar" snow with little base to it.  The snow cat had troubles getting out of the Strawberry River trail last night because of the snow conditions.   We will try and run the groomer where we can but it will be hard to establish a schedule without additional snow.  The picture below was taken two weeks ago.  There is actually less snow now at the trail head elevations.  Daniels Summit Lodge and Strawberry Marina are still running snowmobiles out of their complexes. 

  Picture taken two weeks ago.  Less snow now at Highway 40.


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