Feb 5th 2012

As of Feb 5th, there is 42” of snow at Dry Bread Pond and 50” at Monte Cristo. 
The following areas were groomed this week:
  1/29  Hwy 39
   2/1  Hwy 39
   2/2 Hwy 39 to Curtis Creek to Running Water Spring
   2/4 Hwy 39 to Arbs
The avalanche condition is moderate so be safe in the backcountry. The fee schedule for the parking lot is $5.00 per day or a season pass can be purchased for $50.00.   
We encourage you to obtain an avalanche advisory before venturing out into the backcountry. An avalanche advisory is available on our 800 line, 1-800-OHV-RIDE. Also be prepared with the appropriate avalanche gear and training. If you have snowmobile riders under the age of 16 , the snowmobile safety course, required by law, can be taken on line at


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