March 3rd, 2012

Sorry for the late update, but I have good news!!  On Friday, we were able to groom Indian Creek and Trail Hollow loop during the day.  That night another operator groomed the Mud Creek and Clyde Creek loop.  On Thursday, we were able to go up CO-OP to Lake Creek summit, and down Strawberry. We were also able to make it across Lew's Cutoff, so that entire loop was groomed on Thursday.  If you are going to go on that trail today (Saturday) watch out for the cat because it may be on the trail grooming some more.  Keep praying for snow so that we can continue grooming all of the loops!!

Also the avalanche conditions may be high today due to all of the new snow.  Make sure that you check what those conditions are before you go out and always wear a beacon!

Have fun and stay safe!!!


Additional update:  The connecting trail between Clyde Creek and Mudd Creek at the top could not be groomed.  The groomer become stuck several times and would power out before being able to bust through some of the drifts and deeper snow.  We will tray again once the snow settles a little.


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