12/31/2012-Second Packing Run



2nd Packing run complete.  This time we hit the Cottonwood Canyon Run up to Round Valley.  The run was fairly nice, we did run into some areas that only had a few inches of snow.   So take caution leaving the trail on this run as well.  We are hoping to get more snow this week to groom the Bug Lake run.  Remember to also check avalanche conditions before you ride at


Please plan a visit to Hardware Ranch on your route.  Hardware is currently open and the elk would be excited to see you.  Please visit   for hours of operation and on going activities.  A favorite stop for many of our sledders.




1st Packing run completed for the season!  A very momentous occasion.  From Hardware Ranch Management Area to Hells Hollow.  Elk Valley Guard Station overland routes and through the ever fun play area of Strawberry Valley.  The gorge is not done this go round, due to the lack of snow.  Little did we know there was not as much snow as we had planned for.  At some spots you could feel a rock or two and the occasional sagebrush would pop up out from under the snow.


  Take care if you leave the groomed trail, there  are some spots with little snow.  The packing runs should help keep snow on the trail, but the overland routes and play areas may not have the depth your sleds will need.


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