Wasatch Mtn State Park Conditions

Wednesday, December 19 2012 @ 12:32 PM MST

Contributed by: Drew Patterson

The snow Gods were favorable to us this week.  Although we don't have enough snow to begin our grooming program yet, the snow levels are on the rise.  Mill Flat as of today has about 14" at the trialhead.  Pine canyon and Cascade Springs trailheads have 4-6".  Snowmobilers up top have reported about 3' of snow.  Although you would like us to get out and groom, protecting the investment of the snowcat is a priority early in the season.  We need atleast 18" of snow to groom so we don't break the equipment that your registrations help pay for.  Getting from our shed to where there is enough snow about 3 miles up is the problem.  We would rather be safe than sorry when the storms start dumping.  You can still come up and play.  See you on the trail.

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