December 20, 2012

Hi this is Jeff Smith, your state parks Trail Grooming Manager for the Strawberry Snowmobiling Complex. 
As of December 20, 2012 there has not been enough snow to put the grooming in full swing.  We are hopeful that the weather will be bringing us lots of snow soon… However…when it does snow and we are able to start grooming, I hope you will find the following information helpful.
We encourage you to obtain an avalanche advisory before venturing into the backcountry. An avalanche advisory is available on line at  Also be prepared with the appropriate avalanche gear and training.  
The following is our up-coming grooming schedule: 
Saturdays - Co-op to Lake Creek Summit then down Strawberry River (ROD)
Sundays - Mud Creek, Clyde Creek (STARV)
Mondays - Co-op to Lake Creek Trailhead then down Strawberry River (STARV)
Tuesdays - Mud Creek, Clyde Creek then Indian Creek, Trail Hollow (JASON)
Wednesdays - Snow Cat Maintenance Day
Thursdays - Co-op to Lake Creek Summit then down Strawberry River (ME)
Fridays - Mud Creek, Clyde Creek then Indian Creek, Trail Hollow, ** (Tony)(DC)
**Sheep Creek will be added to this run if weather, man power and fuel allows
This schedule is subject to change based on accident/emergency needs, weather/snow conditions and equipment repairs. 
If you would like to contact us directly please call Jordanelle State Park at 435-649-9540 or go to
If you would like information on Daniels Summit Lodge call 435-649-1341 or 1-800-519-9969 or go to
If you would like information on Strawberry Bay Marina and Lodge call 435-548-2261 or go to
Now...all that being said, I was able to take the groomer out today to do Clyde Creek and Mud Creek.  The upper elevations are full of heavy powder that made the Cat work really hard.  The lower elevations have so little snow that it really can't be attempted again until we get more snow.  Unfortunately if there isn't enough down low, the Cat just isn't able to go out.  So until further notice, the Mud Creek/Clyde Creek, Trail Hollow, Indian Creek runs will be put on hold.  Tomorrow we will be sending the Cat up Co-op Creek and down Strawberry River as far as they can.  I will let you know how that run goes. 
So pray for lots of snow this holiday season so we can start grooming. 
Thats all for now.  Be safe


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