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Saturday, December 22 2012 @ 09:23 AM MST

Contributed by: Kevin Taylor

Grooming Report for 12/22/12


We have begun grooming!!  We could start earlier if 2 things would happen. 1. Move our snowcat shed to Soapstone to avoid the 3 mile North Fork Trail which requires more snow coverage than the rest of our complex. 2. If UDOT would stop plowing Hwy 35 earlier in December. We will be following our normal schedule most of the winter which is the following.


Mondays- Soapstone, Noblett's, Mill Hollow

Wednesday- Soapstone, Cold Springs, Wolf Creek Summit to Hanna Trail Head

Thursday- Hwy 150 from Soapstone to Mirror Lake

Friday and Saturday- Soapstone, Noblett's, Mill Hollow, Lake Creek


We will follow this schedule unless we have breakdowns or severe weather. Remember to check the avalanche conditions and ride safe.

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