December 28, 2012

Greetings my fellow sledders.

What a great day on the slopes.  Yesterday I groomed Coop to Lake Creek Summit then down Strawberry River all the way to the trailhead, then over the cutoff and back down Coop.  It was a great run....difficult, but fun.  There is a ton of deep powder in the higher elevations.  Lots and Lots of play areas.  Down low...not so much.  Use caution. 


Today I groomed Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, the path to the Strawberry Marina, then Indian Creek, about 3 miles of Sheep Creek and then back down Trail Hollow.  There is so much sugar powder up there that it was a real chore.  I was running way low on fuel so I was not able to get to the Willow Creek warming hut.  I'll do my best next time.  I have to admit that I was a little upset that I'm stuck in the groomer instead of a snowmobile.  Oh well.


Tomorrow I will be grooming Coop to Tower Mountain, then down Strawberry River.


For a complete grooming schedule check out the Post from Dec. 20th.


Be Safe and have fun.


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