January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 05 2013 @ 02:13 PM MST

Contributed by: Jordanelle State Park

Hello Folks.  Thursday the grooming went well at Coop and Strawberry River.  Trails are looking good.  Yesterday Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, Indian Creek, and Trail Hollow were done.  This was a first run for a new groomer.  Don't judge.  : )  Today the Coop and Strawberry River trails were done again.


Tomorrow will be the short run.  Clyde Creek and Mud Creek only.  Then on Monday, we will head up Coop, to Lake Creek, then down Strawberry River.  All the trails are looking good.  Still not very much snow down low so it can't be groomed, but up top...lots of snow.  It's awesome.



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