Groomers Report 01/07/2013

 Groomers Report 01/07/2013

 The Mt. Nebo Trail was groomed on Saturday January 5th, 2013.

The groomers were Chris Evans and Cheston Slater.  

The trail was groomed from the Salt Creek Canyon gate to the Payson Canyon gate and then back to the Salt Creek Canyon gate.

Snow conditions are excellent.  The snow depth ranges from just a few inches to 48 inches along the trail.

The wind has been kind and there were no real bad drift areas.


We plan to groom again on next Saturday January 12th, 2013.

No ATV's are allowed on the Nebo trail at any time.  Snowmobiles only

Please remember to stay out of wildernesss areas at all times with your snowmobiles.

Park Rangers are checking registrations on your snowmobiles.  By Utah Law it is illegal to operate or transport your snowmobiles without current registration.


Enjoy the trail.


Groomer Chris Evans




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Authored by: Anonymous User on Tuesday, November 28 2017 @ 01:31 AM MST Groomers Report 01/07/2013
I would like to say few words about you’re grooming work. That is really incredible work what you people are doing. I do follow all your grooming reports which you people have posted in rushessays blog. By looking at those only I decide which way I should take for my office.