Groomers Report 01/14/2013

 Groomers Report 01/14/2013

 No grooming run was made on 01/12/2013.  The truck we haul the snowcat with broke down and could not be fixed in time to groom on the 12th.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!

The next scheduled grooming run is Friday January 18th, 2013. 

Cheston Slater is the groomer - he is planning to go from the Salt Creek side to the Payson side and back acrossed.

Snow conditions are excellent.  snow depths range from a few inches to 60 inches.

Reports from users say there was 4 feet of powder in Santaquin Canyon.

There were a few drifts, but the trail is is in pretty good shape.

We patrolled on Saturday.  A few citations were issued for operating snowmobiles without current registration.

Please remember to register your sleds and stay out of the wilderness areas.

Avalanche Danger is currently fairly dangerous.

If you have any questions or comments please call us at 435-758-2611.


Groomer Chris Evans


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