Snowcat Down Again, But Fixed Again

 Grooming Report

 Monday, January 14, 2013


This last weekend the snowcat broke down on us again at the top of Beaver Creek.  I had to go in on snowmobile to rescue the operator, and it was a very cold ride.  Our shop manager came up again on Sunday and got the snowcat started and back to the shed.  He was able to spend 8 hours working on the cat and found some bad wiring causing the batteries to go dead.  We are planning on going out again tonight (1-14-2013) to see if we can groom Beaver Creek and Franklin Basin.  The trail is in rough condition, and with no new snow, we are grooming ice. 


No new snow, so conditions are not real good.


Last Groomed On:


Beaver Creek 1/12

Amazon          1/12

Franklin Basin 1/11

Tony Grove     1/11

Swan Flat        1/12

Sinks               1/5


Garden City    


Planning on Grooming:


Beaver Creek 1/14

Amazon          1/14

Franklin Basin 1/14

Tony Grove     1/15

Swan Flat        1/18

Sinks               1/15

Temple            1/15

Garden City     1/18



Out of State Snowmobile Permits are being sold at the following locations:


Bear Lake State Park – Marina

1035 North Bear Lake Blvd

Garden City, UT 84028


The Top 3 violations in Logan Canyon


Anyone 17 and younger must wear a helmet when operating or being a passenger on a snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle.


Off highway vehicles must be registered before transporting or operating on public roads or land.  Registration stickers must be displayed (stuck on the machine) along with the month sticker.  Do not carry them in your bag and think that is good enough.  It’s not!!!  The decals will stick on the tunnel and hood very well if the machine is warm when you stick them on.  Placing them on the belly pan will get ripped off when riding in deep snow.


Anyone (Utah resident or non-resident) between the age of 8 and 15 must posses Utah Safety Certificate to operate a snowmobile, ATV, or Motorcycle in Utah.  To sign up for a classes at 


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