Saturday, January 19 2013 @ 05:27 PM MST

Contributed by: Mert Russo

 Grooming continues, but groomers are stating that we need more snow. 


Here is the grooming report for the past week:


1/13: HWY 39 into Arbs Basin

1/15: HWY 39 into Arbs Basin

1/18: HWY 39 to Running Water Springs

1/19: HWY 39 


There is not enough snow to groom Ant Flat Road, however there is still snow to make it to Hardware at this time. 


If you have any quesitons, call us here at Willard Bay 435-734-9494. 


Enjoy the snow we have and remember to wear your helmets, wear your beacon, be safe and play hard!!! 


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