Grooming Report January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23 2013 @ 11:31 AM MST

Contributed by: Kenny Lone


This trail will be groomed tonight and updated tomorrow.  We groomed City Creek to Kent’s Lake and back to Puffer Lake.


The trail from Kent’s Lake to the summit had 3-5” of fresh powder and groomed very nice with most of the bumps gone and trails leveled.


We also knocked down the pile left by UDOT by Puffer Lake and graded a nice ramp to access the trail.  This trail also had 3-5” of fresh power – up on top there is over 36” of snow – both packed and powder


Up top on Big Flat we took care of several big snow drifts, leveled and groomed the trails.  This area appears to be the best area for snowmobiling until we get more new snow on the other trails.  All three sections are in excellent condition.


Monroe Mountain

We groomed Monroe Mountain trail Monday night, January 21st from Koosharem Trailhead to Big Lake, PST 44 and down to Monrovian Park.  Snow on top is 20-30" deep and powdery.  Use caution on Monroe Mountain where logging operations took place over the fall- there are several trees and large branches in the trail hiding underneath just a few inches of snow so please ride that area with caution.  We did grade and groom Monroe Mountain Road and took care of the damage left by the large piece of equipment that went through there earlier in the season.  The trail down the west side into Monrovian Park is bare in some spots, exposed rocks, or packed very tightly.  Ride with caution.    


Koosharem Trailhead:  2" of snow on the level, 1-2" of packed snow on the trail.  Lots of bare spots in the trail.

Monrovian Park Trailhead:  5" of snow on the level, 2-4" of packed snow on the trail.


Fishlake to Gooseberry

We groomed this trail on Tuesday night January 22nd.  My apology for leaving the trail in the condition I dod last week due to snow cat mechanical issues – thank you Utah State Parks and Recreation maintenance garage for the phone fix – the cat was up and fully operational the very next day.  Snow is very sparse across Seven Mile Pass, less than 12" and bare in several spots just pass the opening of the canyon.  Use caution when riding off trail.  There is little to no snow on the road from Bowery Haven to Johnson's Reservoir.  The snow improves greatly less than 1.5 miles up the canyon.


We took extra time last night on the Gooseberry side of the trail making sure the trail ws in perfect condition for you riding pleasures – have a great time riding the area and be careful as always.


Fishlake Trailhead:  Very little snow for six miles on the highway, with just a few drifts.  We cannot take a snow cat on this section of the trail.

Gooseberry Trailhead:  8" of snow on the level, 4-6" of packed snow on the trail.  Once on top there is plenty of  snow for riding pleasures.


Sand Ledges

There is a new section of trail that we have not yet groomed.  We will keep you posted.


Highway 24 (Sand Ledges) Trailhead:  2-3" of snow on the level 1" of packed snow on the trail, some bare spots.

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