Grooming Update – January 26th, 2013

As of January 26th, still not much change in conditions from last report. We received a miniscule amount of snow on Thursday. There is just over three feet of snow in the Trial Lake area so we are still not seeing huge amounts.  Even less at the trail heads with about one to two feet. Snow is expected Sunday. The trails are in decent shape.  We did our grooming runs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The avalanche warning for the Uinta’s area has not changed and is still a low to moderate warning—beacons still needed.
You can find a copy of our grooming schedule on this website at which you can print.  Remember that most of our runs are done at night (Thursday run up Hwy 150 to Mirror Lake is done during the day); the Sno-cat, however, may be on the trail at any time so ride under control and anticipate seeing it.
Remember to always go out prepared. Bring survival and avalanche gear.  Check on the avalanche conditions by going to  Ride safe and we will see you on the trails!!!


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