January 31, 2013

Hey all.  Great news.  We got about 1-2 feet of fresh snow over the last couple days.  Its a brand new wonderland up there.  There's no excuse not to have a great time sledding this weekend.  Coop and Strawberry River was groomed today.  It was a white out up at tower so I couldn't find my way to the Lake Creek Summit, but the rest is in perfect condition.


Tomorrow the south side of Hwy 40 will be groomed.  In case you forgot, that means Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow, and down to the Strawberry Marina.  If fuel permits we will also take care of the Willow Creek warming hut and a little bit of Sheep Creek.


Hope you enjoy your time on the mountian.  Please Please Please wear your beacons.  They save lives.


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Authored by: Dako28 on Tuesday, March 06 2018 @ 08:34 AM MST January 31, 2013
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