2/17/2013 Grooming report



A wild ride for ANDY LEE!   We need to give him a round of applause!   He groomed 60 miles last night.  Nearly the entire complex!  Groomed Hell's Hollow Loop.  Thin snow conditions over the overland trail and through the gorge, so use good judgement.  Cottonwood and Johson's Ranch up to the gravel pit was also groomed last night.  Go out and enjoy the Hardware Ranch Complex!





Finally some snow worth talking about..Thursday night I Groomed the Hells Hollow loop. There are still a few thin spots at Danish Dugway and the Gorge, although much better than they were. We had anywhere between 4 and 16 inches of new snow. Friday night I started the Bug Lake loop however I did not connect to Redspur due to what I thought was a serious mechanical problem. I went through Johnson ranch up to Bug Lake with next best turn around until I get back being New Canyon Jct. When I got back to the shed and got the snow cat cleaned off, repair will be simple. Better safe than sorry.

Enjoy the new snow and be sure to check avalanche conditions before traveling into the back country.


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