February 7, 2013

Friday, February 08 2013 @ 07:54 AM MST

Contributed by: Jordanelle State Park

Well, we all knew it had to happen sooner or later.  I'm sorry to report that while doing the Coop/Strawberry River run today the snowcat hit a rock and blew a control box that holds hydrolic fluid.  We were unable to get the snowcat off the mountain last night and will be working with the crew from SLC to get it down and repaired today.  Hopefully the fix is an easy one and not something we have to order parts for.


At any rate, the Coop trail was done up to the Lake Creek Summit, then made it a mile above the corrals on Strawberry River before it broke down.  Be careful on that trail.  It's off the side of the trail right before a turn so make sure you go slow.


Snow conditions aren't ideal for riding this week anyway.  The heat has made it kind of crusty and hard.  Hopefully the storm this weekend will help that out.


I will give updates on the snow cat as they come available.

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