Grooming Report 2/12/13

Grooming has been done this week in both Ephraim Canyon and 12 Mile Canyon.  Ephraim was groomed on Monday the 11th.  The trail is in really good shape.  There was 1.5 feet to 2 feet of new snow on top and it is really powdery snow which should be really good to ride in.  It was also snowing most of the time while grooming the trail so there could be even more new snow.  12 Mile was groomed Tuesday the 12th.  This trail is also in really good shape.  There was a least 1.5 feet if not more of new snow on top.  Off trail the snow looks really good to ride in and most of the rocks are now covered but still use caution when riding off trail.


We will be grooming again on Monday and Tuesday of next week unless there are any problems.  So check back.






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