Grooming Report Feb 12th 2013

 **Beaver Mountain**

We groomed Beaver Friday night the 9th.  More than a foot of new snow on top.  We groomed to Kent’s Lake and were only able to groom to the north end of Big Flat and not all the way down to Puffer Lake trailhead due to fuel consumption of the cat having to make its way through the new snow  - we’ll be back up Thursday evening.


With some recent snow storms the snow is 48" deep on top.  Check out the latest Snow-Tel Information:  Big Flat


City Creek Trailhead:  6" of snow on the level, 2-4" of packed snow on the trail for the first couple of miles up.  UDOT is not plowing the road to the trailhead, so it's a slick drive the last three miles.

Puffer Lake Trailhead:  Road is clear, snow is very deep.  

Kent's Lake Trailhead:  Road is clear.  Snow is packed very tight for the first few miles do to heavy use.  We took most of the bumps out and now it's good to go.


**Monroe Mountain**

We groomed the entire Monroe Mountain trail on Monday evening February 11th from the Koosharem Trailhead to Big Lake, PST 44 and down to Monrovian Park.  On top there is at least 12” of new snow since we groomed the trail Wednesday February 6th.   I could only see a few trees that the ends are sticking out along the sides of the trail #44 but I would still keep my eyes open through that section of trail.


The conditions on Monroe Mountain are great for snowmobiling – get out there and enjoy the fresh snow!!


Koosharem Trailhead:  no snow at the trail head and 3-4" of packed snow on the trail with roughly 30” on top.

Monrovian Park Trailhead:  5" of snow on the level, 4-6" of packed snow on the trail.


Check out the latest Snow-Tel Information:  Squaw Springs   or   Box Creek


Fishlake to Gooseberry

We groomed this trail on Thursday night February 7th.  No new snow to report and once again we spent extra time working on snow drifts from Gooseberry all the way including Seven Mile Canyon.


I’m sure with the winds we have right now there will be more drifting snow.


The warmth and sun has not been nice to the snow depth in many areas.  There is pavement exposed on the Gooseberry side and a lot of bare area’s in Seven Mile Canyon – be careful..


Fishlake Trailhead:  There is exposed pavement on the Fish Lake HWY 1500 ft from Seven Mile Canyon with only a few inches of snow at the trail head.

Gooseberry Trailhead:  6" of snow on the level, 8-10" of packed snow on the trail.


Check out the latest Snow-Tel information:  Gooseberry Ranger Station    or    Fishlake


Sand Ledges

We have not yet groomed this section of trail, but expect to as soon as possible.  We are hoping to have Sand Ledges opened up by the end of next week providing that the weather and a few other things work in our favor.


Highway 24 (Sand Ledges) Trailhead:  4" of snow on the level 2-3" of packed snow on the trail.



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