Grooming Report 02/25/13

Hi. This is Jeff Steele your Assistant Trail Grooming Coordinator for the Uintah Basin snowmobiling complex.

As of 02/25/2013, East Park, Dry Fork and Taylor Mountains trails were groomed last week.  Trail conditions should be good.
The following snow conditions exist: (We need more snow in the mountains. The snowtel site at Trout Creek is reporting 29" of snow.)

- Chepeta Lake - 10 + inches inches in higher elevations

- Paradise Lake - 10 + inches in higher elevations

- Dry Fork - 14 + inches in higher elevations

- Taylor Mountain - 7 + inches in higher elevations

- East Park - 8 + inches in higher elevations

- East McKee - 7 + inches in higher elevations

All parking lots at trailheads have been plowed .

We encourage you to obtain an avalanche advisory before venturing out into the backcountry. Also be prepared with the appropriate gear and training. If you have snowmobile riders under the age of 16, they need to take the snowmobile safety course, which is required by law. The safety course can be taken at



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