Grooming Report for March 6th 2013

 All three trails are in excellent condition with probably the best snow conditions in the last several years including the grooming of Sand Ledges.


Beaver Mountain


We groomed the Beaver Mountain Thursday night the 28th.  There have been several inches of fresh snow added since we groomed last Saturday night.   We groomed from the City Creek Canyon Trailhead in Junction to Kent’s Lake, back up and across Big Flat and down to the Puffer Lake trailhead.  While at the trailhead we took down the huge pile of snow that the road crew piles up in front of the trail every time they plow.


These trails are in excellent condition and should provide great snowmobiling for everyone regardless of your snow condition preferences and level of ability.  Snowmobiling should be great for all riders this weekend – Be safe.


With some recent snow storms and settling the snow is 49" deep up on Big Flat.  Check out the latest Snow-Tel Information:  Big Flat


City Creek Trailhead:  6" of snow on the level, 2-4" of packed snow on the trail for the first couple of miles up. UDOT is not plowing the road to the trailhead.  Thursday night you could drive your vehicle all the way to the trailhead.

Puffer Lake Trailhead:  Road is clear, snow is very deep.  

Kent's Lake Trailhead:  Road is clear.  Snow is packed very tight all the way to the top due to heavy use.  We took most of the bumps out and now it's good to go.


**Monroe Mountain**


We groomed the entire Monroe Mountain trail on Monday March 4th from the Koosharem Trailhead to Big Lake, down Hunters Flat, across PST 44 and down to Monrovian Park.  It appears that the snow now covers the trees left behind by the loggers but I would still keep my eyes open while riding through these areas. 


There are just a few spots in the trail with little to no snow from the warmer weather we had last – only a couple and mostly on the corners week – summer like days are bad for the snowmobilers.  With about 4” of new snow the storms have left you with some excellent snowmobiling conditions.  The snow is thin in a few places coming down the face of Monroe Mountain to Monrovian Park.


Once again I spent the extra time and fuel doing another courtesy run down Hunters Flat – we are trying to keep this area as nice as possible when conditions permit.


The conditions on Monroe Mountain and the trails leading there are great for snowmobiling – get out there and enjoy the fresh snow!!


Koosharem Trailhead:  no snow at the trail head and 0-4" of packed snow on the trail with roughly 30” on top.

Monrovian Park Trailhead:  3" of snow on the level, 4-6" of packed snow on the trail.


Check out the latest Snow-Tel Information:  Squaw Springs   or   Box Creek


**Fishlake to Gooseberry**


We groomed this trail Tuesday March 5th.  There was very little new snow near the Mt Terrell Guard Station.  Once again we spent extra time working on snow drifts from Gooseberry all the way including Seven Mile Canyon. 


From the top of Seven Mile Canyon to a mile or so south of the Mt Terrell Guard Station there’s over a foot of snow with just a few inches of new.  Once off the main trail the sagebrush and rocks are still exposed – once you've made it to the guard station there is plenty of snow and some great riding.



Fishlake Trailhead:  There is fresh snow on pavement on the Fish Lake HWY from Seven Mile Canyon but the tracks on the cat dig through it and contact the pavement – the snow cat does not like pavement, dirt and rocks.

Gooseberry Trailhead:  up to 12" of snow on the level, 18-24" of packed snow on the trail.


Check out the latest Snow-Tel information:  Gooseberry Ranger Station    or    Fishlake


Sand Ledges

I groomed Sand Ledges for the third time last night and the trail is on excellent condition – probably the best ever.  The new path goes around the avalanche area making it a “new trail” that’s worth checking out.  There is up to 4 feet of snow on the new bypass.  Every week the new section just continues to get better and better.



Highway 24 (Sand Ledges) Trailhead:  The trail head has no snow with just a few inches on the lower section of the trail.  It quickly turns into some great riding.


How’s our grooming??  Please leave comments and suggestions at: 435-624-3268


**Most recent groomed trail**


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