Grooming Report 3/7/2013

Thursday, March 07 2013 @ 03:44 PM MST

Contributed by: Chad Wade

We were able to go out and groom some of our trails.


Ephraim was groomed on Tuesday.  The trail is is pretty good shape.  There was about 1 inch of new snow on top. 


12 Mile Canyon was groomed on Wednesday.  The trail on the lower sections is not looking to good.  On the switchbacks there are a few bare spots with no snow on them.  But once you get up to the higher elevations the trail is in really good shape.  There was at least an inch of new snow on the top.


Depending on the snow that the next storm brings we may or may not be grooming next week and if you do not get anymore snow we may be done because of lack of snow on the lower parts of the trail.  If things change we will be updating on here so check back soon and check back often.


Be safe and enjoy the snow before it is all gone.  Remember to bring the right gear and equipment for all conditions.




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