Grooming Report for 3/7/2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013
We were able to groom Lava Beds on Wednesday the 6th, and went on over to Navajo Lake and Duck Creek Ridge as well. Both trails were in good shape, so we only groomed over to the Forest Service Ranger Station and up to the Duck Creek Ridge Road. We’ll see how things are after the weekend storm before doing the Brian Head/High Mountain trail.
Sadly, we need to start looking at closing down the grooming operation for the year pretty soon. This is probably the last time we’ll groom Lava Beds this year, as the snow is melting down and many of the south slopes at the lower elevations are down to the dirt. We also saw quite a few rocks and stumps coming out of the snow. We’ll probably do Brian Head/High Mountain a couple more times this year, but by the end of March, we’ll probably be done. Things are beginning to pick up at Coral Pink Sand Dunes and more of our time will be required there. If you have any questions, call Michael Franklin or Dean Anderson at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park at 435-648-2800.


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