Grooming Report 3/11/2013

Monday, March 11 2013 @ 10:48 PM MDT

Contributed by: Mark Glissmeyer

I went out grooming tonight. The snow was slushy and hard to plow. I groomed Mill Flat( there is about 6" in some places and 1' in others on the groomed trail) Cummings Parkway( 4" in some places 1' in others on the groomed trail) I also did Snake Creek( still a little bit of snow there). There wasn't enough snow for me to drop down into Little Deer Creek or Cascade Springs. Sorry everyone.

This might be the last night that we groom here at Complex #2. Unless we get a huge snow storm to give us more snow to work with. 


Thanks for a great season. Everyone be safe out there. 

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