Grooming Report 12/20/2013

Friday, December 20 2013 @ 09:44 AM MST

Contributed by: Nebo Complex

Groomimng Report 12/20/2013

The warmer weather has helped and hurt the trail.  At the lower elevations the snow has melted not leaving a lot of snow down low.  The warmer weather also compacted the snow at the upper elevations, giving the snow a good base layer.  The new snow expected from the storms over the next couple of days will make the riding conditions perfect and will help the trail being ready to groom after the start of the new year.  We plan to start grooming after the start of new year. No exact date is scheduled yet. 

Avalanche conditions are high so please remember to ride in appropriate areas.  The Forest Service has asked us to remind you to stay out of the wilderness areas as well.  This will keep existing areas open to snowmobiles.

Please remember to get your sleds registered to avoid a citation from Law Enforcement.  Kids ages 8 to 16 need to trained and licensed to operate (Safety Certificate) before operating a snowmobile on public lands and trails.  These snowmobile training can be obtained by going to the State Parks Website ( and clicking on the OHV education section. 

If you have any specific questions or comments about the Nebo Trail please call us at 435-758-2611 or email us at  The Nebo Groomers this year are the following: Chris Evans, Cheston Slater, and Josh Gibson.


Happy Holidays

Groomer Chris Evans (2012-2013 Groomer of the Year)

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