Thursday, December 26 2013 @ 05:10 PM MST

Contributed by: Joe McFarlane

I wanted to send out a quick update.


We have not started grooming yet for 2013/2014.  Our cat is down and we are working hard to get it up and running.  If everything works out we should be out next week. Once we are back we plan on grooming everything once a week.  Our regular schedule is Whitney on Monday, North Slope for Tuesday and Wednesday, Mirror Lake on Thursday, and Friday to pick up anywhere that needs additional grooming.


I was out today and the whoops were not too bad.  Snow if very thin in the lower country.  Many hazards are waiting just under the snow.  Up higher, the snow was much deeper and I felt more comfortable getting off the main trail.


Be advised that the North Slope Road is plowed this year.  The plowing lasts approximately 5 miles.  This affects folks wanting to ride Mill Creek or Elizabeth.  You can travel over the plowed road but please keep your speed down and watch for log trucks.

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