Grooming Report for 1/2/14

Thursday, January 02 2014 @ 07:14 PM MST

Contributed by: Rockport State Park

Hello all. The winter that started out so great has become a big disappointment as we have not gotten much new snow in a couple of weeks. The snow depths are about 3 feet up high. There are still lots of stumps and obstacles out there so be careful. Some very disappointing news is that they are planning on plowing Hwy 35 all winter as part of the feasibility study that UDOT is doing. This means that we will not be able to access any of the Mill Hollow and Lake Creek areas. The trails will become very bumpy in short order. Not sure yet if you will be able to park at the Noblett's Trail Head and ride from there or have to park on the shoulder of the road at Mill Hollow or near the summit. We will be modifying our grooming schedule as follows. Monday, Friday, Saturday- Soapstone and Cold Springs, Thursday- Mirror Lake.

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