Grooming Update 1-17-2014

Friday, January 17 2014 @ 08:04 AM MST

Contributed by: jonathan hunt

Grooming Update !!


We took the snowcat out again yesterday on North Skyline.  We only groomed the first few miles as there is not enough snow to drop the tiller without digging in the dirt. 


I have attached some pictures of our trail conditions. 

* In the first picture you will see that although we don't have a lot of snow, the wind has piled it high on the Cornice areas.  Be extremely cautious as they as very unstable. 

* In the second picture you can see the Millers Flat trailhead.  A logging operation is happening nearby and so the first 1/3 mile of the trail is plowed. 

* In the third picture you can see that we tried to mark a couple of obstacles that have been run over near the Fairview Trailhead.  With low snow many fences and log like these are potential dangers.


If the forecast holds we will not see any new snow in the next week.  That means we will NOT be grooming until after the next storm.


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