Grooming Report 1-19-2014

Grooming Report 1-19-2014

As planned grooming was done on Friday the 17th.  We groomed the Mount Nebo Loop from Nephi all the way to Payson and back.  Snow conditions on the Nephi side were very slim to say the least.  We only had about 4 inches of snow on the trial for about the first 10 miles.  After that and once it started getting around 8000 feet the snow was a couple feet.  The conditions were a little better on the Payson side. 


You'll want to stay on the trail for the most part.  There are a lot of shallow rocks and stumps just below the surface. 


There isn't a lot we can do with the snow cat with such poor snow conditions.  We simply need more snow to push it around and smooth things out without cutting into the asphalt.  Unless we get some more snow soon, I don't anticipate grooming much longer. 


We are planning on grooming this coming Thursday the 23rd. 


As a reminder, please get your snowmobiles registered.  Too many unregistered riders ended up getting citations Saturday that could have been avoided with a trip to the DMV. 


Be safe, ride with a buddy, and know the conditions. 




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