Mount Nebo Complex 2-4-2014

Mount Nebo Grooming Update 2-4-2014

We've finally received some of that sweet white stuff!!  We're reporting about 6" of new snow down near the trail heads and about 18" of fresh snow up top. 


The plan is to groom very early in the morning this coming Thursday the 6th.  We'll cover the entire Mount Nebo Loop, from the Nephi trail head to the Payson trail head and back. 


As always, be safe and ride with a buddy.  Let folks know where you'll be riding and have a plan for emergencies.  Make sure your sleds are registered prior to "testing out the sleds for the first time of the year, or trying them out to see if you'd like to purchase them".  This seems to be the story most give when their caught on a sled that expired years earlier.  Expect to be cited.  Also please have a helmet if your under 18.  You could also be cited for that. 


Have fun enjoying the new power :-)


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