Grooming report for 2/21/14

I could repeat my report from last week in that we got a lot of snow this past week. My run over the top of Mirror Lake was epic with really deep snow and huge drifts. I had to raise all my implements just to make it over the top. It has been difficult to keep up with all the new snow so the trails are not in the best of shape but with all the powder, who cares about trail riding! Again the new snow comes with a cost as the steeper slopes need to be avoided. The avalanche report is below.
bottom line
In the wind zone at upper elevations, the avalanche danger is HIGH today. Human triggered avalanches are very likely and natural avalanches are probable on all steep, wind drifted slopes. Once triggered, today's avalanches can break deep and wide, creating a very dangerous slide.
A CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger is found at mid elevations and human triggered avalanches are probable on steep, wind drifted slopes.
LOW avalanche danger is found on gentle slopes with no steep terrain above or adjacent to where you're riding.
Our Schedule this week will be: 
Thursday- Hwy 150 from Soapstone to Mirror Lake
Friday and Saturday- Soapstone, Hwy 35 from Soapstone to Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Lake Creek 
Monday- Soapstone, Cold Springs, Hwy 35.
Remember to ride safe and be prepared for all conditions. Day time temperatures may be in the 40s but drop well into single digits at night so always carry your survival gear. Be Safe.


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