Grooming Report 2/28/14

Grooming Report 2/28/14

As of 2/28/14 there is very little snow and it, has been raining recently at the trailhead. There is 59” at Bug Lake and 55” at Temple Fork. The snowcat groomed the Danish Dugway, Saddle Creek, the Gorge overland trail past the Elk Valley Guard station and Hells Hollow back to Hardware on 2/22. There is evidence of recent avalanches in Saddle Creek and the Gorge. Be aware that the US Forest Service has the gate closed at the Elk Valley Guard Station. There is a snow bridge over the gate but use caution.

Be aware that the U.S. Forest Service made changes to the trail at Saddle Creek toward Hells Hollow. The trail was moved from the bottom of the canyon up along the West side. The snowmobile trail will follow the new road and has been marked. Also minor changes were made to the summer trail near the Elk Valley Guard Station, however it is anticipated that the snowmobile trail will follow the same route it has in the past.

The weekly grooming schedule will be as follows:

Friday: Bug Lake Loop

Saturday: Hells Hollow Loop

Sunday: Cottonwood Trail

Tuesday: Snow cat maintenance

Wednesday: Redspur / clean up

The schedule is subject to change based upon weather and trail conditions:

 Know before you Go! Visit the following websites for additional information regarding trail and weather conditions before heading to the trailhead:

 For a live camera view near the Hardware Ranch Trailhead visit:

For hourly snow depth measurements across the State of Utah visit:

For daily avalanche forecasts visit:



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