Mount Nebo Grooming Update 3-2-14

Sunday, March 02 2014 @ 10:45 AM MST

Contributed by: Nebo Complex

Grooming Update Mount Nebo 3-2-14

Our snow cat tow truck made it out of the shop finally.  New snow has fallen on Mount Nebo, but only in the highest of elevations.  The weather has been in the 50's and low 60's over the last couple of weeks and has been raining in the lower elevations.  The result has been zero snow at the trail heads.  We can't drive our snow cat on open pavement for the miles that it would take to get to the snow up top.


As of right now we are not planning on grooming again, it's just been too warm.  We will however evaluate the need to continue grooming this week, but I would imagine we are almost done for the season. We need cooler weather. 

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