Grooming update 3/4/2014

Tuesday, March 04 2014 @ 03:41 PM MST

Contributed by: Kevin Taylor

Grooming update for Mirror Lake /Mill Hollow 3/4/2014

As of March 4, 2014, we had received about two feet of new snow on top and are hoping the weather gives us more new snow as the week goes on.  On top there is about five to six feet of snow with fair amounts at the trailheads.  The trails are in good shape the warm weather is starting to be a challenge for us to keep the lower levels smooth.  Monday Soapstone, Cold Springs, and Wolf Creek to the Nobblets parking area were groomed. Thursday Mirror Lake highway to Mirror Lake is scheduled to be groomed. Friday the Mill Hollow to Lake Creek trailhead will be groomed.  We should be following our schedule for the weekend.  Watch out for danger while riding. The Avalanche danger is still High. Make sure you are wearing a beacon. Ride safe and enjoy the snow.

You can find a copy of our grooming schedule on this website at that you can print out. Remember that all our runs are done at night but we may be on the trail at any time so ride under control at all times.


 Remember to go out prepared including survival and avalanche gear. Check on the avalanche conditions by going to  Ride safe and we will see you on the trails!!!

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