Grooming report for 12/10/2014

As of 12/10/14 there is very little snow at the trailhead; the road North out of the trailhead is bare. There is 17” at Bug Lake and 16” at Temple Fork. We are awaiting sufficient snow depth at the trailhead before grooming will begin.

The weekly grooming schedule will be as follows:

Friday: Hells Hollow Loop

Saturday: Cottonwood Trail

Tuesday: Snow cat maintenance

Wednesday: Redspur / clean up

The schedule is subject to change based upon weather and trail conditions:

 Know before you Go! Visit the following websites for additional information regarding trail and weather conditions before heading to the trailhead:

 For a live camera view near the Hardware Ranch Trailhead visit:

For hourly snow depth measurements across the State of Utah visit:

For daily avalanche forecasts visit:



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