Grooming Report 12/17/2014

Grooming Report 12/17/2014

Still waiting for lower elevation snow.  No snow, just bare pavement from closed gates up the loop road as far as a person can see.  We will begin grooming when there is enough snow to groom and repairs to snowcat are completed.  Some unexpected repairs to snowcat were found when Salt Lake Shop staff came down and gave the snowcat a going over. 

Pray for snow!!!!


Make sure your sleds are currently registered, and decals are displayed properly.  Be sure to put a copy of the registration somewhere on your sled while you operate and transport them.


Park Rangers from Utah State Parks and US Forest Service will be patrolling trail heads and the Nebo Loop trail areas throughout winter months.  Please comply with all state OHV laws and Federal Laws governing wilderness areas of Nebo Loop to avoid a citation.


Groomer - Chris Evans


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