grooming report 01/04/15

Sunday, January 04 2015 @ 12:55 PM MST

Contributed by: Mike Murray

The current conditions at Dry Fork are 4" at the trailhead, Taylor Mountain gate is 0 inches, and the gate at the East Park road is still open to vehicular travel.  If you are wanting to ride, there have been snowmobiles on the road about Kane Hollow but there is only at most 4 inches of packed snow.


Grooming operations will start when we get ample snowfall to do so safely and all Snowcat operators are trained. So lets all hope for a good snowfall soon and by all means get your snowmobiles tuned up, registered, and safety equipment all in good working order. As a reminder, now is a great time to get your snowmobile riders who are under 16 through the safety course that is required by law. The safety course can be taken at



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