Grooming Report 12/23/2015

Grooming Report

We have started doing some packing runs the last couple of days.  Although with the wind and storm in the canyon all day today, I'm not sure you will be able to tell??  There is at least four feet of new snow in the higher elevations.  I helped several get their sleds un-stuck today, so if your new to the sport stay on the trails for the next few days.


Groomed/ packed:


Sinks trail to Temple Flat 12/22

Amazon 12/23

Beaver Creek 12/23

Swan Flat 12/23


Planning to groom:


Amazon 12/26

Beaver Creek 12/26

Sinks 12/27

Franklin Basin 12/28

Tony Grove 12/28


Our grooming schedule will be the same as last year, but I will post it again soon.  Marry Christmas.


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Authored by: Anonymous User on Saturday, December 26 2015 @ 08:36 PM MST Grooming Report DATES
Clarifying the grooming dates, means they will groom the night posted on this web site into the following morning. I didn't understand the schedule so I suspect others have the same question. As of 12/26/2015 AM to 4 PM, the grooming on Beaver Creek appeared non-existent.

Editorial: It's really bad PR for the grooming program, when I come off a terrible mogul trail to the parking lot and greeted by a friendly DNR agent checking for registration. The very registration (Utah and non-resident Idaho on my sled) that supports the grooming operation. (12/26/2015 Beaver Creek)

....alias Powder King
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