Grooming report for 12/26/15

Mother Nature finally gave us some much needed snow! About 3' of new snow in the higher elevations. While this may seem like a good thing there are several negatives that go with the new white stuff. First off don't let the 3' of snow fool you! There are also 3' stumps, rocks, etc. and I say numerous snowmobiles being dragged off the mountain today. The other is the avalanche conditions. 3' of new snow on top of old crappy snow means trouble and I observed numerous natural slides. If you choose to play in avalanche terrain you may pay the price. Let things settle down for a while and wait for that next great dump which will change the conditions. The last bad news is that we were unable to get out grooming due to the extreme conditions, blizzard to say the least. OK, now the good news. Hwy 35 is closed and we made our first grooming run up Mill Hollow tonight and will make another run on Sunday night to catch up. For the rest of the week we will be on schedule which is as follows.

Wednesday- Mirror Lake Hwy

Thursday- Soapstone, Cold Spirings

Friday and Saturday -Soapstone, Mill Hollow, Lake Creek




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