Grooming Report for January 1, 2016

Wednesday, January 06 2016 @ 04:34 PM MST

Contributed by: Aaron Hone

Well Mother Nature is doing what seems like normal anymore, teasing us with a big dump of snow and then an extended dry spell! What happened to the awesome Utah winters!! There is about 3 feet of snow at the higher elevations and 1 foot at the trailheads. There is some snow forecasted for the next five days but I am not counting on much accumulation being the pessimist that I am. It is still a big gamble to venture off the trails with lots of hidden obstacles waiting to empty you wallet at the repair shop. The good news is that the trails are in great shape and we are on a full schedule. Please dress appropriately and take all you survival gear with you in case something unexpected happens and you have to spend the night on the mountain. It could either be a life and death situation or a fun story to tell you friends and family! Please check the avalanche conditions before heading out, some big slide have been seen in the area. Go to for the most current conditions. Please abide by all rules and regulations to ensure a pleasant visit with a Park Ranger.

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