Grooming Report 1/14/16

Thursday, January 14 2016 @ 10:06 AM MST

Contributed by: Chad Wade

Grooming report for 1/14/16

We have been out grooming this week. We groomed 12 Mile yesterday and the trail is in really good shape. We have not gotten much new snow and the snow that is there has settle a little bit. There is plenty of snow to enjoy be there are still hazards that are not visible, so use caution when going off trail.


We groomed Ephraim Canyon last week and that trail is looking good also. The trail was groomed all the way to Skyline Drive. There is also quite a bit of snow in Ephraim Canyon also.


When going out be sure to check the avalanche condtions and be sure to wear your beacon and know how to use it. To see the conditions go to


Be safe out there and have a good time enjoying the Snow!!

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