Grooming update 1/14/2016

Thursday, January 14 2016 @ 04:15 PM MST

Contributed by: jonathan hunt

1/12/2016 :  Groomed North Skyline, Bear Ridge, Starvation, Back up North Skyline to the Fairview Trailhead.  (Snow has around a 4 to 6 inch soft layer overtop of a pretty good base.  Relatively few tracks so come on up and ride.


1/13/2016 :  Groomed from Millers Flat Road.  From Hwy 31 to Indian Creek turnoff.  There was two feet of snow at the turnaround spot.  (see attached picture)


1/14/2016 :  White River trail has been put on hold as out truck is currently in the shop. 


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