Grooming report of Jan 15, 2016

Friday, January 15 2016 @ 09:12 AM MST

Contributed by: Aaron Hone

We are currently up to date with all of our grooming runs and we have added another run for your smooth riding convenience. Grooming runs are as follows.

Monday- Cold Springs to the Hanna TH

Wednesday- Mirror Lake HWY to Mirror Lake

Thursday- HWY 35 from the Nobblets TH to the Wolf Creek Summit

Friday- Mill Hollow to the Lake Creek Summit

Saturday- Mill Hollow to the Lake Creek TH

While the trails are well maintained Mother Nature has not shown us her full furry yet. On Thursday there were white out conditions at and above 8000 feet due to strong winds and blowing snow. This is causing wind drifted trails at the higher elevations. This will also cause wind loaded hills so be care and make sure to always check the snow conditions before you go out!!
The storm only put down a couple inches on top at best.

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