Grooming Report for 1/25/16

Monday, January 25 2016 @ 07:09 PM MST

Contributed by: Dean Anderson

We were able to groom Navajo Lake/Duck Creek Ridge and Cedar Breaks/High Mountain last week as anticipated. Our co-groomers in the Duck Creek area also got all the trails groomed in their area – Tippets, Lars, Willis Creek, Strawberry Ridge and Point, and the campground.
This week, we plan to groom Navajo/Duck Creek Ridge on Tuesday the 26th, Lava Beds/Deer Valley on Wednesday the 27th, and Cedar Breaks/High Mountain on Thursday the 28th. Please note that the Deer Valley area is for non-motorized use only and the grooming schedule for that portion is posted for the skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts out there. 
The snow conditions with the slightly warmer weather have changed a bit. The snow is more compact and wet in places and during the warm part of the day, so be aware of the changed conditions and ride accordingly. For information or questions, contact Michael Franklin or Dean Anderson at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – 435-648-2800 or

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