Grooming Report 2-14-2016

Sunday, February 14 2016 @ 08:29 PM MST

Contributed by: Chase Pili

Grooming Report 2-14-2016

2-7-16 Wasatch Ridge, Woodruff

2-8-16 Arbs Basin

2-11-16 SR 39 Milepost 52, Red Spur

2-12-16 Little Monte, Wasatch Ridge, Hardware

2-13-16 Arbs Basin, Scare Canyon


Temps have been warm the past week with the recent inversion. The snow has been melting which causes grooming to be difficult. The last storm had occurred on Valentines day. Only a few inches had came from it. The snow has a solid base but fresh powder is difficult to find unless you go in the back country. If snowfall does continue to come we may scale back on grooming in the next few weeks to prevent damage to our equipment. Have fun and more importantly stay safe!

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