Grooming 2/18/16

We groomed from Salt Creek to Payson today 2-18-16

We groomed today from Salt Creek to Payson canyon.  It was snowing and very windy up on the mountain. Just a big heads up and caution. With the High Winds multiple trees were being blown over.  I saw two pine trees blown over while grooming today. So please be careful for tree that may have fallen over the trail.  I cleaned up five or six trees that had fallen onto the trail, but with the wind still blowing there could be more that have fallen on the trail. Other then that it was a good run.  Next grooming run will be 2/25/16. We will notify you of any changes. Remember wear you beacons, ride with a buddy and watch the avalanche danger. Please be safe and the most important thing is HAVE FUN.


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