Grooming Report 3/2/16

Wednesday, March 02 2016 @ 01:50 PM MST

Contributed by: Drew Patterson

Grooming report

Snow is melting extremely fast. Our lower level elevations are disappearing quickly causing us to scale back in areas. For the Alpine loop, we are done grooming this area because of the lack of snow around trailheads and down around Cascade Springs which is what we have to pass through to get there. We are done going out of Soldier Hollow as well. For the remainder of this week we will continue to go out of Snake Creek down low and then evaluate. We are continuing to groom Snake Creek and over into American Fork Cyn down to the top of the narrows. Below the narrows we are done grooming do to lack of snow and number of rocks down in areas. Tibble Fork is getting too thin as well for us to warrant a trip down there. We are also doing across Cummings Parkway as there is still enough snow up there.

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