Final Run

Snow conditions still good, but looking for some more storms to improve conditions. Our Volunteer did take the groomer up the last week in February and made a run. Unless there is a considerable storm, we will not be making another grooming run. The snow is not very deep at the bottom, and there are growing paches of dirt road showing, but is fairly good up on top. There is still some good riding to be had. Be cautious and watch for rocks and fallen trees. We hope you enjoy your time in the back country. As you find yourself venturing out, please, please be careful and wear all your protective gear. That includes a beacon. If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line.  Enjoy Presidents Day
We have some great volunteer groomers, that have done a great job. Thanks.

Please Respect Private Property: Acquire owner’s permission to recreate on private property. Out of State Snowmobile Permits are being sold at the following locations: Evanston Maverik 350 Front Street 307-789-1342 Maverik 535 County Rd 307-789-7182 Morgan Valley Polaris 1624 Harrison Drive 307-789-5937 Rip’s Grocery 98 County Road 307-789-3854 Morgan East Canyon State Park 5535 South Hwy 66 801-829-6866 Morgan Valley Polaris 800 E 100 S 801-829-6403 Park City Maverik 1635 Bonanza Dr 435-645-9436 The Top 3 violations in Chalk Creek Area. Anyone 17 and younger must wear a helmet when operating or being a passenger on a snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle. Off highway vehicles must be registered before transporting or operating on public roads or land. Registration stickers must be displayed (stuck on the machine, 2013 single sticker on the left side of the machine) along with the month sticker. Do not carry them in your bag and think that is good enough. It’s not!!! The decals will stick on the tunnel and hood very well if the machine is warm when you stick them on. Placing them on the belly pan will get ripped off when riding in deep snow. Anyone (Utah resident or non-resident) between the age of 8 and 15 must possess Utah Safety Certificate to operate a snowmobile, ATV, or Motorcycle in Utah. To sign up for a classes at


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